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Located in one of the nerve points of the city of Córdoba, Argentina and next to a great flow of circulations the new bus terminal has left without use its ex car parking.

The project of  Nube is born of this analysis seeking to take advantage and to RECYCLE this public space, to generate a meeting between the citizens and the travelers.

Design: Germán Valenzuela, Nicolás Olmos + U.N.C Architect students

Construction: Nicolás Olmos + U.N.C Architect students


With an ephemeral urban installation, it was decided to play with the strongest elements of place; In this case the WIND prevailed above all.

Looking for a light material like the fabric of the floppy, joined by seals and caps of soda plastic were achieved to build two large mantles (15mts x 15mts) tensioned by steel cables that by their large size flamed with slow movements, sensual and majestic. Literally the work caressed the visitors as it descended up to 0.50 meters from the level of the ground.

These generated a dynamic shadow on a cement surface where the intense summer sun did not allow the encounter of the people. Under the mantle were placed large bags of flour filled with sand. These by their large size allowed unknown people could share them by emerging first encounters.

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