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We seek in the design of the space, appropriating the concept of the future and minimalism, materialized through an ethereal parametric design in white colors and transparencies, with noble materials such as wood, ceramics, glass and metal, providing thus to the space of the necessary elements to function as a manufacturing laboratory focused on the creation of innovative products. The developed space allows the integration of a new space for disruptive thinking, to develop new elements of innovation in the VMLY & R agency.

Design: Nicolás Olmos and Marcelo de Medeiros

Construction: Nicolás Olmos and Marcelo de Medeiros


render2_max calidad.jpg

The space is conceived as a plural space where we can test the new innovation materials and where we can host the tests of the different materials gathered to inspire the creatives in the different campaigns. It is a space for prototyping, storage, digital manufacturing in food, 3D design, and a place for tools for innovation workshops. FOODTURE LAB is the place where the innovation team will work within the agency.

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Logo synthesis

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT As the main axis, FOODTURELAB will develop proposals trying to reverse the damage we are causing to the planet. Through the reuse and transformation of industrial waste, we will try to provide added value to this surplus, designing sustainable and responsible products with the environment we inhabit.

INNOVATION is a change that introduces novelties and that refers to modifying existing elements in order to improve or renew them. Focused on the future of food, new products, services, or procedures, FOODTURE LAB will be the space that integrates the investigation of these disciplines, in order to adapt to VML & R to new markets.

TRANSPARENCIA El desafío del equipo en un espacio reducido de 3 x 5 m fue la generación de un lugar permeable en el desarrollo de los procesos y procesos internos del equipo puede verso y entenderse desde el espacio común de la empresa. Al diluir los límites del área de trabajo, otorgamos mayor comodidad al usuario y sus elementos están concebidos para poder modificar y dotar al LAB de una esencia versátil.

Removable table to take advantage of reduced space


Relax/thinking space



Multipurpose space

Research/ prototyping space

Recycled plastic

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