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Worth Project 2018

The progress of this project can be quantified in two phases, where the same digital technologies are researched and developed, meanwhile the raw material changes, due to manipulation approaches and impact on health issues:

Phase 1: PVC recycling approach

Phase 2: Leather used for emphasis on demonstrating how these new digital tools are shifting the contemporary practices of fashion design.

The shift in raw material is clearly and correctly justified, as manipulation of PVC causes health and sustainability issues, in small workshops and it would need a very complex infrastructure to be implemented for the development of one project.

Design: Esther Perbandt

Construction: Anastasia Pistofidou, Nicolás Olmos


The Project introduces innovation using new technologies, in a traditional sector such as the Leather one. The combination of artisan work with the digital technologies employed in this project: 3D modeling, CNC milling, moulding and vacuum forming offer a wide range of possibilites for new designs.

The main focus of the new collection design was on organic shapes, bubbles, and several garments and accessories were developed: 2 belts, 1 bag, 1 coat, 2 shoulder pieces and 1 sleeve.


Berlin Fashion Week 2018

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