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Indeterminated architecture

Today the city of Cordoba has problems of urban scale; Mainly for its dense, compact and multifunctional unicentrality in relation to the low density, fragmented and isolated intermediate area and periphery of the city.
We propose a new organization of the city from new poles located in these last areas, with the strategy of generating social inclusion and at the same time reinforce the bonds of the collectivity, weaving the public space, the sport and the culture, where each of these elements are enhanced in one point.
This sector was chosen because it is located in the limit between the periphery and the intermediate ring, with the existence of physical limits such as drainage, train tracks and Av. Sabatinni in addition to social limits, characterized by the confluence of neighborhoods with different social classes. This results in the weakening of the links and human relations, accentuating social inequalities. Understanding the concept of urban condenser, the building is transformed into public space and the form follows the function; creating new landmarks for the city.
It is known that most of the institutions are closed, restricted and private places, so our architectural proposal provides an open building where the gaze of the subjects penetrates the building allowing a more fluid accessibility.
The building providing a multifunctionality of cultural and sports activities, breaks with the elitist status, that these ones tend to have and their supposed incompatibility, opening and allowing access to all types of citizens.
Its scenographic and indeterminate character allows a greater appropriation of people and variation of activities in a spontaneous way.
(concerts, outdoor cinema, large-scale events, theatre, exhibition, etc.)

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